World Renowned Hotels Lodge Expressions of Interest – Maroochydore CBD

A number of big name hotel groups have been said to be interested in developing a number of venues in the heart of the new Maroochydore CBD, announcements are to be made toward the tail end of this year as to who will be securing the designated locations.

Many leading brands have expressed a significant interest in the 1.4-hectare site located in precinct 3 according to SunCentral CEO John Knaggs. The $200-million deal could lead to the development of five super lots, including the new council chambers and University campus. It is also likely that the John Holland Group will be keep several commercial and retail spaces for future tenants.

Nothing has been set in stone yet, however negotiations continue with several hotel groups since the expression of interest opened in the core commercial precinct just a month ago.

“Confidential discussions are continuing but there is no doubt that this site has captured the attention of Australia’s business community including hotel operators,” he said.

“The new hotel will primarily be aimed at business clientele and there is widespread recognition that demand for such accommodation will grow significantly as the CBD takes shape.”

John also went on to support the expansion of the Sunshine Coast Airport would also increase international flight capacity, thus driving business travel to the region.

“Maroochydore is already the commercial heart of the entire region but the introduction of direct international flights from Asia to the Sunshine Coast will be a huge driver of business travel to our region,” Mr Knaggs said.

“We’ve seen an eight per cent increase in business travel to the Sunshine Coast in recent years and 230,000 people have attended business events in the region in the year ending March 2017.”

“All indications are that this growth will continue with improved access and infrastructure.”

Earlier this month Mayor Mark Jamieson revealed $450-million worth of development proposals had been lodged through the EOI process since the 35 blocks were taken to market.

He expects construction of the first significant stage of the CBD to start next year, and the entire project was set to include about $8 billion worth of construction over the course of the entire project.

What would you like to see in the new Maroochydore CBD?

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